Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Magikal Evening!!!

hello there! i realize it's almost been a month since my last post. it's not like nothing happened, bc plenty did, but i just didn't have the motivation to get on here and write about it until today, starting with my lovely evening last night.
so death cab for cutie finally made their way back to portland (i had bought tickets for their show here back in october which ended up being cancelled bc of scheduling conflicts [the venue they were going to play at was also hosting a giant haunted house at the same time- excuse me? who screwed that up bc i am going to kill them] and then they never ended up rescheduling that show, but they did play for december to remember at the crystal ballroom in december. i miss that one bc the tickets sold out in 10 seconds, i swear. wtf. but that was in the past and i still did get to see them plus 7 or so other bands for my birthday in seattle and it was the GREATEST.) and praise jesus they did, bc i missed them so! the show was at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall ( which was a really cool venue!

they brought the Magik Magik Orchestra ( from San Francisco with them on their current tour and what an amazing touch!!! the orchestra started off the intro first and then ben walked out to play "passenger seat" which segued into "different names" and let me tell you, it was so beautiful i almost cried. i know i sound like a loser, and i really just don't care. their music affects me like no others; i just love them so! haha. i can't really go through the whole set list, bc i can never remember each song afterwards. dumb. haha. i'm sure i could go to their website, but i'll be okay and i'm sure you will as well, bc going into detail about every song would probably bore you. haha. i will tell you, however, that somehow a fight broke out (i suspect alcohol) to the far left of my seats. all i heard were girls screaming; shouting at each other during the short transition between songs and i noticed everyone's heads turned toward the shouting. all i could think was "how can someone get into a fight at a death cab concert?! they play the most mellow music ever!" and after the show i was telling jarrod this and i added "how dare they be so selfish and distract from the show. we're not here to see them get into a fight. HELLO!" haha. but really, it took forever for the ushers to take care of that. what's up with that? anywho, i didn't really let it distract me from the music though. i looked once and then i concentrated really hard on the band and everything was fine. :) so through out the transitions, ben and the other members kept talking to the audience and jarrod kept whispering "stage presence" bc he's very particular about that sort of thing. i told him it didn't matter bc they're the best band out there. haha. but it was still fun to hear little jokes between them. ben even mentioned how someone had brought a giant box of voodoo donuts to them, so he apologized if they seemed to be moving slower than usual bc he said he ate a giant donut that he swore was made completely from a cheesecake where they just cut a little hole in the center and he ate the whole thing by himself. haha. :) so that was fun. anywho, let's get to some videos of the show so you may understand what i am talking about with the beauty and the crying and such.

turns out it doesn't want me to upload videos on here so i'll post them on facebook.

this were taken during the encore when only the band had come back out. the orchestra did join them again a few songs in and ended the night with the most amazing version of transatlanticism that will ever exist. haha. so all in all, it was a very MAGIKAL evening. i want to relive it again and again. and the one regret i will have in life is not also buying tickets for their seattle show which is tomorrow. that would have been the best. but another time, hopefully.

so, that was death cab for cutie. now on to other things to keep you updated:
about 2-3 weeks ago jarrod's family (evan, brittnye, and avery) came to visit us! and it was a great time!!! i'll just upload some pictures from that since most of you who read this blog also read brittnye's blog and she has a good update on their trip here. ;) and if you don't read here blog, here's a link to it (

Cannon Beach

Eating lunch outside Red Robin in Seattle
view of downtown from Rocky Butte

Grilled Cheese Grill double decker bus!!!!

let's see what else??? oh, i got a new car:


yeah, so i think that's about it. i'll be in texas in a little less than 2 weeks!!! i'm not ready for the heat, but i'm ready to see everyone. :)

that is all.


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