Thursday, August 25, 2011

lazy, lazy, lazy...

as you have probably noticed, it has been a while since my last update. it's not like we haven't been doing anything, but i have been lazy in keeping up with this blog. shame on me! but oh well, here i am now to try to catch you up on everything...if i can remember it all. haha.
so on the sunday after my previous blog was published, jarrod and i decided to make a trek out to the coast again, (it's awesome to get to do that when our schedules work out well together. which is rare now, and sad. more on that later, maybe. haha) this time to Seaside Oregon. yes, that is actually the name of the town. i can't say i'd heard much about seaside, but i've seen plenty of customers or just random strangers wearing shirts/sweaters that said seaside on them, so i figured it must be a pretty cool place and we should go visit. so we did! when we got there we walked around downtown. our first stop was a candy store/taffy shop. we got some more sea salted caramels (delicious. i love those things!) and of course, some taffy. they had a TON of flavors, so we had plenty to choose from. i don't really remember what all we got though i do remember ameretto being in there and banana cream or something like that. we bought plenty more, but what their flavors were, i do not remember. anywho, so after the taffy shop we continued to walk around downtown, looking in random stores and gift shops. the one that stands out most to me was a vintage clothing store. vintage clothing stores are awesome! i wish i had found something i liked, but oh well. it was still very entertaining to look around and see all the wild clothes. haha. anywho, after looking through just about every shop, we decided it was time to go down to the beach, and so that's what we did. once again, it was cold, but not as windy as it was at the beachside campsite. we just sat around people watching until about 7, when we decided it was probably time to find a place to stay. once we checked in to a motel, we went to eat dinner and then we walked around a bit longer before heading back to the hotel to be lazy and watch some tv. that was our sunday.
on monday we decided to go to the beach first, and so that's what we did. this time we just walked around on the beach and watch the birds. yes, it was still pretty cold, but this time i had on jeans and a long sleeve shirt. haha. after roaming the beach for about 30-40 minutes, we walked back to downtown to look around at the shops we'd missed on sunday. we found another candy shop that was filled with retro candy and candy i'd never heard of. guess what i bought? sour skittles and more sea salted caramel. haha. after the retro candy shop, we went into another retro store where we found some pretty awesome drinks (non-alcoholic). first of all, there was big red! (which we don't have hear) and then there was just a bunch of other random drinks. jarrod got a jolly rancher pear soda, flashback root beer and something else. i chose a peach soda, (recommended by the girl working there) big red, and orange leninade. yep, that's what it's called. it's communist lemonade, so i HAD to buy it just to keep the bottle. haha. so by this time we were getting pretty hungry and decided it was lunch time. we ate at a mexican place called the Taco Shark ( and yes, they really do have shark tacos. i did not try that though. i had a beef, chicken, and salmon taco. all really tasty. :) after lunch, it was time to head home so jarrod would get home in time to shower and be lazy for a bit before heading to work. the drive home was annoying because people drive way to slow for some reason....but enough about that.
so that's what we did for the weekend. we had nothing planned until wednesday when we went to go see THE SHINS!!! the show was awesome, as expected. it seriously was a dream come true to see them, because i thought i'd never have the chance. man, if i had a time machine, i'd relive that show over and over and over again....yeah, it was awesome. you know that now though, don't you? haha. i have a few videos posted on my facebook if you want to check that out. :)
and the rest of the time these past few weeks has been spent staying home and being lazy, or saving money, as i will call it. haha. so nothing exciting there. 
i do have something exciting happening tonight though. we going back to edgefield to see The Decembrists. WOOOOOO. they're from portland, did you know that? so awesome. haha. 
oh! some news you'll find amusing: we finally hit the 90's last weekend and let me tell you, it was HOT. haha. but nothing compared to the heat back home, i'm sure. still, we may be weenies now bc we've been spoiled with awesome weather. not that 90 degrees is terrible, it's not. it's supposed to get up to 90 today. i may actually sweat. crazy. haha.
OH. i totally forgot that last tuesday we went back to multnomah falls with some of my friends from work (bc one of them who has lived here for a while had never been). we hiked to the top and we also hiked a few other falls. work that night was miserable bc i was so tired and yes, i was sore the next few days. :P i leave you with some pics from that and a promise to attempt to continue updating regularly (at least once a week).

yeah that's jarrod being dumb and going under a waterfall. i'm surprised the force of the water didn't knock him over. he did say the water was so cold it took his break away though.

 until we meet again. ;)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sunday Funday

This past sunday will probably go down as one of my favorite days of this summer. Jarrod and i went to this event called The Big Float ( we participated in the first big float ever! awesome. the event consisted of an inner tube parade across the hawethorne bridge (jarrod and i missed that because jarrod was working until 11am and the parade started around 10am) and the parade ended up on the West Esplanade where everyone would put in at the river. the "parade" continued back across the river to where they were having an "after-float party" featuring food carts, live music, the usual party stuff. haha. but, i am getting ahead of myself here.
jarrod and i showed up to the west esplanade just in time to see some people carrying their floaties (the rules required some type of flotation device, besides life jackets, though arm floaties were considered good enough. haha. you may think there are not that many different types of flotation devices. i automatically think of inner tubes, but there's plenty more out there. some people had inflatable whales, sharks, and alligators. some brought paddle boats, there was even a weird floating sleigh thing out there... all sorts of flotation devices. haha) and we followed them so we could stand in line and register our floaties (we had an inner tube and a... idk what it's called. air mattress? but not like the sleeping kind; meant for the water) and ourselves so we could get in the water. we waited in line for a while, but it was all worth it in the end. finally, we were on the shore of Marquam Beach and into the COLD water we went. we floated around and observed for a bit. i even got brave enough to take my phone out for some pics.
the focus here is the skyline, though you can see some fellow floaters as well.

after just floating around for a bit, we started paddling to the end of the "parade." initially, jarrod was doing all of the work (as it should be. hahha) but i could tell he was getting tired so i had to suck it up and actually get in the water. COLD!!! but as always, i got used to the water pretty quickly and we kept paddling along. some random lady asked to race us, so we were paddling hard and then she gave up and said we had a double motor so it was unfair. haha. by the time we made it to the dock, our legs were throbbing and sore, but that's alright. we got a nice workout. haha. after getting out of the water, we released the air from our floaties and then went to find some food (hungry hungy hippoes!). we ended up eating bbq from a food cart. i can't remember the name. i got pulled pork, jarrod got brisket. my pork was SPICY, so i didn't end up finishing it. besides the spicy part, it was still pretty good. and it gave me some nutrition so that i'd be up for the next part of our day.
walking around downtown! as always, i really wanted some cupcakes and i heard there was a good cupcake place somewhere near us, so that's where we headed to first. after walking 9 blocks, (probably should've taken the max, but that's okay-more exercise for us! haha) we finally made it to Saint Cupcake Galore ( where we proceeded to have some really freaking delicious cupcakes. pic:
the one with green icing was vanilla with chocolate chips. the chocolate one has vanilla buttercream icing. jarrod got a vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream. YUM YUM YUM.
 i kind of wish i hadn't posted that pic now...i REALLY want more cupcakes bc of this. ergh. haha. oh well, maybe another day.
after we ate our cupcakes, we went in search of a fountain that we had seen on the road trip while we visited portland. after walking another hundred or so blocks (exaggeration) we made it to the Ira Keller Fountain where we were surprised to see people swimming. i was not aware people were allowed to swim in the fountains, but apparently it is allowed. a free swimming pool for all! pics:

i tried not to get pictures of anyone else at the fountain. i don't really like random people in my pictures. haha. oh! fun little story, a few weeks ago someone poured some type of detergent in this fountain and guess what happened? lots and lots of foam and bubbles. apparently cleaning that out cost several thousand dollars..i don't really know... yeah, so there you have it. haha.

we left keller fountain in search of pioneer place mall ( so we could pass some time before we left downtown so we could go see the portland festival symphony ( we pretty much spent our whole time in the mall in a store called Fuego ( it's a really neat store with some fun stuff in it. haha. check out the website for more info. oh, i did get a pic of something great from that store:
i need this bag!
anywho, after we were done with the mall, we walked back to the waterfront and stared out at the river for a bit while listening to some street artists. we then left for Peninsula Park so that we could listen to some lovely classical music. once the concert was over, we went to popeyes (i was craving it and by some great coincidence, we were literally 3 minutes away from one. yes!) and then we came back home and were lazy the rest of the night, as we deserved. haha.
so that was our sunday funday. lots of sun and fun. hahahaha.
we haven't been doing much this week besides working, as usual. that's alright though, we really are saving money by not going out too much, and really, we have more time on the weekends, so why not do fun stuff then anyways?
speaking of the weekend, i have sunday and monday off, so i'm hoping to make another trip to the beach or maybe camp around the columbia gorge. it's up to jarrod. i mentioned the beach idea and he said nothing. :P i'm hoping that wins though. haha. but i'd be fine with camping anywhere or just getting out for a bit. :)
so, i'm looking forward to this weekend, but more than this weekend i'm looking forward to seeing THE SHINS!!!! only one week and i will be in heaven. haha. i did not think i would ever get to see a shins show, as i had heard they had split up, but apparently they're working on a new album (yes!) and are very much a group, still. and so i will get to see the shins, and i will be happy forever. haha. ONE WEEK.
besides that, nothing is really set in stone for next week or the week after.... i need to get on planning things to do, especially with summer coming to an end....yep.
that is all.