Thursday, October 20, 2011

this is halloween!!!

picture post!!!

i think these photos describe themselves, but in case you're lost: jarrod was carving out the lid of his pumpkin.
pumpkin pulp. who knew something so gross looking could turn into something so delicious?

so i wanted to stick with my costume as a "theme" for halloween. as you can see, i attempted to make a mockingjay cut out...the bottom picture is what happened with that was very upsetting. i pretty much gave up after that and decided to go separate the seeds from the pulp of the pumpkin so i could start baking.

unlike me, jarrod stuck with his pumpkin (though he didn't screw up like i did. haha). he made a zombie pumpkin eating another pumpkin. it's pretty awesome, i admit. i'm so jealous of his abilities. why must he be good at everything?! haha. but seriously, his jack o' lantern turned out amazing and i love it and i know he loves it too. i'm pretty sure he had a great time making it, so that's good.
jarrod made me an easier, less likely to fall apart version of the mockinjay.

it worked!

and there is my glorious mockingjay pumpkin. i think it turned out pretty awesome. as good as hello kitty from last year? i'm not so sure, but it's still pretty great.
currently there is pumpkin bread cooling off. tomorrow i'll attempt to make some pumpkin cupcakes and.... something else. maybe more bread, maybe....idk, something.
so that was our "halloween decorating" day. it was fun. :)
i'm not terribly sure what will be happening this weekend, but i'm sure it will be exciting. haha.
that's it for now.

Monday, October 17, 2011

a month later...

as you may have noticed, it's been a while since i've updated. i have a perfectly acceptable reason for that and it is: we have done absolutely nothing in the past month. well, nothing worth mentioning, i.e. no exploring of any city, park, terrain, unless you count our house. the reason we have done nothing exciting is because our jobs do not allow us to spend any time together, whatsoever. speaking of jobs, i have recently been hired at NorPac Vector. yes, they sell cutco, and no, i do not sell cutco. i am a PR assistant. my job consists of taking lists of "interested" applicants from the representatives and calling them to get them in for interviews. that's my job. it's not terrible, but it's not great either. but hey, that's okay. at least i have a job, and not just one job, but two. sure, i make less at vector than the theater, and it is 15 miles away, but i'm still making extra money, which is always nice. :)
something fortunate happened this weekend: i got a sunday off, so i got to spend time with jarrod! as i mentioned earlier, we rarely get to see each other thanks to our jobs. we never really had the same days off together even before vector, and now i work every day; have no days off, which makes spending time together even more difficult. well, since vector isn't open over the weekends, i actually got to spend an entire day off of work from both jobs. anywho, back to the point: once jarrod got off of work (late....or on time, actually, but later than usual) we went to the Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch ( 

once we arrived, we got some tokens and then went in search of our perfect pumpkin (duh). the farm is HUGE and there are pumpkin patches everywhere!!! we walked through the first one, which was overly crowded, so we continued on to the second one. we found our pumpkins there.
the ginormous one right in front of me is jarrods, as well as the pepper shaped one. the one in the corner is mine. i'm not gonna tell you what those pumpkins will look like as jack o'lanterns, but once they're ready, i'll post pics. :)  

 after carting our pumpkins back to the car, we still had a few tokens left, so i suggested we go buy some organic apples from their little grocery store: bella farms ( while buying the apples, we saw a sign for some apple cider, which made jarrod giddy as a school girl, so we bought a cup of that. BEST DECISION EVER MADE. that apple cider was so was like pure apple in liquid form with cinnamon....oh man. it was so GOOD. SO GOOD. i want to go back just for that apple cider. fortunately, we have a pretty good substitute at the house: spiced apple cider from trader joes. (thanks, brandi!) so, we will survive with that for a while. anyways, after buying the apples, apple cider and a cinnamon sugar elephant ear, we went into the corn maze. 
the maze from a bridge that's a part of the maze.

i felt like pocohantas! :) haha. can you paint with all the colors of the wind?


jarrod thought he had it all figured out, so he didn't even take a look at the map...well eventually, we kept ending up in the same spot, so he finally looked at the map. he figured it out, which made him happy, even though he was still surprised they had tricked him. we had a good time. :) after the maze, we came home and ate dinner and that's about it. so that was our "day" together. 
and now we are back to our boring, no exploring lives for a short while. idk when our next "outing" will be, but we do have something fun to look forward to on thursday. we were going to go see Death Cab for Cutie in concert, until that got cancelled. well, we have the day off now, and some uncarved pumpkins to attend to. so we will be making our jack o'lanterns, and i will be be baking some delicious pumpkin-filled foods. :) it's gonna be tasty. i cannot wait! thursday, hurry up and get here!
i'll post pictures of our "adventures" thursday. :)
that's all for now.