Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

when you have to point out it's the biggest superstitious day of the year, then something really bad has happened...
and by REALLY BAD, i am not exaggerating- i woke up on this friday the 13th to an empty drive way, the same drive way i had just seen my car parked in at 9pm last night. 11 hours later and my car was not there. at first i was really in shock, i walked to the end of the drive way and looked up and down the street, why, i don't know. did that yield any positive results, of course not. then i came back inside to wake up brandi, who had come home around 10:30 pm last night if she had seen my car when she had come in, and yes, she had. so my car went missing sometime bw 10:35pm and 6am (my other roommate, Analise left for work around 6am and she informed me that she had not seen my car when she left). 
so this is what blows my mind: our bedroom windows are right next to the drive way AND they're open to let in fresh air and yet i still heard NOTHING whatsoever. jarrod and i were awake until around 11:40, watching tv. at around 11, we saw the motion-censor lights in the drive way come on, but didn't see or hear anything, so we assumed it was just a cat or some other animal, bc that light goes off all of the time without a person walking up to it. at that time, i swear i could still see my tires in the window, so my car must have still been in the drive way around 11pm. i didn't look outside before going to bed though, bc i didn't even think to. 
as jarrod and i were falling asleep, brandi and her friend were in the dining room, right across from 2 large windows who blinds have been open for the past week or so. i assume they had the kitchen and dining room light on, at least so surely no one would have walked into our drive way while lights were on and the windows were open, but what do i know? nothing. i'm assuming though, that my car disappeared when brandi had moved to the sunroom and i have no idea when that was as i was already fast asleep.
what's crazy here though, is i am the LIGHTEST sleeper on the planet. jarrod can vouch for that, my roommates can vouch for that. if the cats could speak, they'd vouch for that. so, with the windows open, while sleeping, my car could have been taken. i just don't understand how! if someone had opened my door (which i left unlocked. i know, dumb, but i'll get to that in a bit) i feel like i would have heard it. they must of put my car in neutral and pushed it into the street before starting it up, but i feel like i would hear that too. i guess not. but you better believe i'll be sleeping even more lightly now, which sucks, but maybe it'll help someone out in the end.
so to iris, my dearest car and why i didn't lock the door: she was a piece of junk, my beloved piece of junk, but really, junk. i never worried about her getting taken from me, ever. what with the giant dent in the driver's side door, a back bumper that's falling off, and a completely black front bumper that replaced the original bumper on the front, i didn't think anyone would take a second glance at it. apparently i was wrong. very wrong. 
but what really freaks me out, more than my car being stolen: yes, i leave my door unlocked, always do while it's at the house (a habit i will change no matter if i have a junker or a freakin ferrari) i think i may have left my keys in the car. the ONE TIME i may have left my keys in the car and it disappears. how did i leave my keys in the car without realizing, you ask? well i think i had parked in the drive way and was texting, then took my keys out of the ignition, opened my door and got out. my kazoozles bag that i take to work was in the back seat, at this time i may have dropped my keys in the front seat either without realizing, or in the mindset to pick them up once i grabbed my bag. i have no idea what actually happened- i can't remember at all. what i remember is walking up to the front door of the house and turning the knob to an unlocked door, and i thought, "Hmmm, that's strange" bc i always put my keys in, even though the door may be unlocked, it's just habit to do so, and this time i did not. i walked in the house to the sound of the washer going and the tv on in the sunroom, so i assumed Analise was home and watching tv and thought nothing else of it. yes, it was her watching tv, and nothing is missing from the house. the point of this is that i remember thinking it was odd that i hadn't put my keys in the door, which is what makes me think now, that i left them in the car.
but if i had left them in the car, does that mean the person who took my car knew i had left my keys? or that i always leave my door unlocked? creeps me out, but it's probably not the case (or so jarrod believes).
regardless, with the knowledge of my keys missing, including a house key that was on my key chain, i told brandi we were going to change out all the locks in the house and she agreed it was the best thing to do. jarrod and i also bought a combination lock for the gate in the drive way, which we will be closing and locking from now on.
the rest of the day i've been trying to figure out what to do about a car. jarrod took me to a credit union to see if i could get a car loan (as suggested by catherine, who is such a great friend!) and i've been looking online at cars as well. i bought jarrod a strawberry lemonade and blizzard from DQ bc he has been with me and constantly working through all of this- he changed out the locks, has been driving me around, and consoled me as i finally broke down over my loss of one of my favorite possessions.
the bright side:
truly i believe iris was on her last leg- her timing belt needed to be replaced, which costs $400 and she had a lot of miles on her anyway, so it was her time to go. yes, i would have preferred that to be on my terms, but that's not how it happened. i will miss her dearly. she was such a good car- i put her through 2 car wrecks and thousands and thousands of miles and she never let me down. such a good car. she had a great life, and she made my life great! she contributed to who i am today and i am so grateful. from the first time i saw her on the street in front of my home in denton at the age of 16 to just yesterday afternoon when she rushed me home from a terrible day of work, she changed my life. it's weird that i'm talking about a car like it was a person, but she did have her own personality. such a great car! would you believe she only cost me personally $250?! my parent's paid $500 for her and split it with me and that awesome little car drove me all over the united states! best $250 i've ever spent! haha.
well, iris is probably in pieces now, making some shithead (excuse my language) some money. oh well, she lived a lovely life, and that shithead(s) will get what's coming to him/them some day. i hope it's terrible.


rest in peace, my beautiful girl. thanks for the adventures!!!

p.s. if you're worried about me, don't be. i'm fine, seriously. hopefully i will have a new(er) car soon and until then, i have rides set up for work. the thing i'm most upset with is the fact that i left my compound bow and about 9 arrows in the trunk, which i will never see again. but that too can be replaced... eventually. 



  1. alright, in case anyone actually reads this and almost freaks out:
    my car was found yesterday afternoon, still intact and running. the inside was a bit trashed bc the bastards through all my stuff around, i assume they did that while looking for stuff of value, which i didn't have much of-just some cds and my bow. the cds and bow are gone, and that's it.
    i plan on selling my car soon to help pay for a newer car, bc as i mentioned, she's on her last leg anyways. i've been told not to get another honda, and it's true i shouldn't bc they're the most commonly stolen cars in the us, i believe, but in portland as well: (
    i don't want to give up on honda though, and i believe newer versions are harder to break into, plus i plan on getting a car alarm and we have our gate locked up, etc. but i guess we'll see in the end what kind of car i get.
    just wanted to keep you updated.

  2. I had a 94 ford tempo that I jokingly told Evan after being lectured one night "IF someone is desperate enough to steal THAT car, they need it more than me."

    Yeah, 2 weeks later they broke into it and destroyed the interior. *sigh*

    we lived on the 3rd floor facing the parking lot (you remember) and one morning we awoke to glass shattering. Turned out it was evans truck window and by the time evan got out the door towards the was done. We even had 2 neighbors on lower floors see it all happen. JERKS.